Friday, June 24, 2011

PJTV: New Media Puts Fork in Weiner: Why Isn't the MSM Doing Its Job?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nice to know that not all bloggers are idiots. Keep up the good work on this one. Enjoy.


Very informative and enlightened views on the election results from last night. Ill have to keep an eye on her. Hope you political dorks enjoy this as i do.

Althouse: What happened last night?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween, so much fun!

Just reminding friends and family of the Halloween Party going on at the Chuggy residence this Saturday. We are serving "goulish chili" and "skeleton arms" (hot dogs). So come in costume, bring the kiddies and have some fun. You know where we live(die). Hope to see you there. By the way Jenna, if your boy still has his Elvis hair, bring it along! See you guys there.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fun with Treadmills

Cool Video, doubt i could do this without breaking my arse. Enjoy

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Political Candidates Shut the Fuck Up.

How many of you are sick of the political ads, i know, i know it happens every election cycle and this one is no exception. The thing that gets me on this is all the ads do is bitch and moan about the OTHER candidate, waaah-haah-haah-haaah! Hey guys(politicians) come closer, i have a little secret to tell you, no closer....... closer... ok, can you hear me?


Stop your goddamned pissing and whining and stop telling me about the other candidate and tell me something about yourself. Hey, here's a strategy... tell me what you stand for and not what the other moron is not standing for! Tell me how your going to get the hell out of my way as i work to support my family and make ends meet. Instead of holding one hand out to receive bribes and the other hand to jerk-off special interest, why dont you get your dumb ass back to your home state and actually do something? How about we go kill the bastards that want to harm our country and kill our people? How about securing our borders against those that would do us harm? How about lowering taxes some more so taht we can make better use our money instead of sending it to you and your greedy-ass friends? Honestly, do you think that gay marriage is the top priority at this point in time?

Hey, how about getting behind our troops and supporting their mission. How about trying to work WITH the President instead of monday morning quarterbacking? Set your idiotic party dogma aside and get with the program. When are we going to understand that we are at war? We may not have declared it, but it has definitely been declared on us. How about we pull our heads out of our collective asses and wake up. Those things that we pretend to espouse are being taken away from us a piece at a time. And those of you that are not getting out and voting need to get up off your fat ass! Freedom is a wonderful thing, at least ACT like you care.

Mainly for the politicians, quit calling me with the fucking computer telling me how the other guys sucks. Basically if you are too chicken-shit to get out and actually meet some people then take your ass back home, im sure that the Apprentice has a lot to offer you.

That is all,


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I only wish i had these moves.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Yes friends it is the season that we all look forward to, marching band competitions. Sit down and i will spin you the tale of dorky kids dressed in pseudo-military uniforms made completely of non fire retardant synthetic fibers. Family, friends and over zealous geeks lay down their pocket protectors, take out their retainers and headgear, don the school colors and scream wildly as the 3rd chair flute sticks the trill in the 4th measure of Aztec Fire. See the coming together, if you will, the work of hours of hard marching in the painful fields and sweaty sessions in the band room come together in an orgasmic frienzy of flag and drum, brass and woodwind and the tempetuous soiree that is competetive marching band. Thrill to the crowd in heated furvor scream for all they have as their band stiffly, deftly and sharply delivers the classic renditions of Styx, Fantasia, and the music of John Williams. Indeed my friends it is not unlike looking at the sun, for what else is there to see when you have been to heaven? It is my contention, worthy friends, that all matters, big and small could be settled on the marching field. No more wars, no more debates of celestial bodies and the meaning of existence. If Socrates could only have viewed the Bondurant Marching Bluejay Pride last saturday, his famous quote, "the unexamined life is not worth living." would be but whispers of nonsense (maybe it was Marcus Aurelius that said that). Anyway, if gangs could but "throw it down" on the competition field instead of out of a moving car, life would be beautiful. Terrorists could play to the sound of their own color guard blowing themselves up in beautiful cascades of crimson in time with with the magical sounds of finger symbols. Ah, but i dream. Guess we just have to go back to what we know, acting like assholes and watching the Apprentice, YOUR FIRED!